Type Office
Contract Sale
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Welcome to our spacious and modern office located on a single, expansive floor. With a total indoor covered area of 210 square meters, our office provides a comfortable and efficient workspace designed to foster productivity and collaboration. The thoughtful layout is tailored to accommodate various working styles and team dynamics, ensuring a harmonious and effective work environment. In addition to the indoor space, we offer a generous covered veranda spanning 125 square meters. This outdoor extension serves as a versatile area for breaks, informal meetings, and relaxation, allowing you to enjoy a breath of fresh air without leaving the premises. Convenience is a priority, which is why we provide ample parking spaces for your ease of access. Our dedicated parking area ensures that you and your team can effortlessly commute to and from the office, making your workday more streamlined and hassle-free. Whether you're a startup seeking an inspiring environment or an established company aiming to enhance teamwork and efficiency, our office offers the perfect blend of indoor comfort and outdoor respite, complete with convenient parking options. Experience a workspace that caters to your professional needs while embracing the benefits of a well-designed and functional office layout.

  • NET internal area:210 m²
  • Parking spaces:3 and more cars
  • Offered at: 2,550,000
  • Type: Office
  • Located on the: 3 floors
Property's Location
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