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Please note that Cyprus on-line auctions, forced auctions and other auctions are other parties and they operate under a separate legal framework beyond our control.

Due Diligence for real estate investment

Advantages of auctions

Money saving

You can purchase a property at a lower price through e-auction, with reduced reserved prices for repeat auctions.

Lower costs and fees

Online auctions offer lower transaction fees, saving you money compared to traditional property purchases.

Less complicated

With e-auctions, you don't need to go through complicated transaction procedures or paperwork.


Participate in auctions from anywhere in the country, with access to a wide range of properties and investment opportunities.

Direct and standardized process

The online auction process is simple and transparent, with detailed information provided by developers, government institutions, and banks.

Transparent process

Online auctions offer a fair and transparent bidding process, with equal opportunities for all bidders.

Completion timeline

Online auctions have a longer completion timeline, allowing you more time to sort out mortgage finance.

The following online property auctions operate in Cyprus

As an independent consultant, we work with various auction platforms depending on our clients' needs and market opportunities. In case you need to place a big, feel free to make it directly with the auction you found the property at. Often auciton bidders use services of a real estate agent of their choice, or a lawyer.
Some of auctions operation in Cyprus are:

  • eauction-cy.com
  • emuproperties.com
  • cy.aps-holding.com
  • altamirarealestate.com.cy
  • gogordian.com
  • bidx1.com

Participation in online auctions

You can participate in auctions in Cyprus even if you are in another country. In today's digital age, most auctions are conducted online, and participants can bid from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the internet.

To participate in an auction in Cyprus, you will need to register on the auction platform and provide the necessary documentation and payment details. Some auction platforms may also require you to pass certain eligibility requirements before allowing you to bid. It is important to note that each auction may have different rules and regulations, so it's essential to review the terms and conditions carefully before participating.

Use services of a regulated real estate agency as a reliable partner for auctions!

Our associate agents have developed a transparent buying and selling process that avoids many of the time-consuming stresses commonly associated with conventional property sales. This has made property auctions increasingly popular among their clients. Feel free to contact us in case you need references or introductions to real estate agents when you are interested in buying a property through an auction in Cyprus.

Realty Marketplaces' auction recommendations:

Ask for:

  • Market value assessment of a property based on location, condition and other factors
  • Analysis of comparative sales data for comparable properties in the area
  • Verification of legal clearance and ownership of the property

Important notice:

the recommendations and information on this web page are for general informational purposes only and should not be considered by any party as advice, legal advice, investment advice, call to action or anything similar. Visitors and readers should seek independent and professional advice tailored to their specific needs and consult with appropriate professionals to address their individual questions or concerns privately.

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