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With a population of about 100,000, Larnaca is the third-largest town in Cyprus after Nicosia and Limassol.

The island's primary international airport is located here, and the area's economy is heavily based on tourism. But also, this city is popular among those who want to buy house in Cyprus.

The mid-town coastal promenade in Larnaca is one of its most unique features. A project to develop the area around the promenade, known as the Finikoudhes, and transform it into a sizable precinct bordered by tavernas and a sandy beach, was just completed.

Local real estate professionals see Larnaca as an undervalued area and think it has a great opportunity of becoming a better-developed tourist destination as well as a prestigious and pleasant location to live and conduct business.

Larnaca's growth is being complimented by a construction boom. There have been numerous apartments for sale in Larnaca in recent years. Apartments up to 300,000 euros and mansions up to 500,000 euros are in high demand among purchasers. The most popular type of Larnaca apartments for sale is often small.

There are 53 communities and six municipalities in Larnaca. Below we offer a look at Larnaca's popular neighborhoods for buy house. Each has a unique expertise, such as its traditional basketry production or its excellent position for urban habitation.


One of Larnaca's major communities is this one. Aradippou, a township with about 20,000 residents, was established in 1986. Despite its past reputation as a farming community, Aradippou has evolved into a popular destination for many Cypriots. It is close to the Larnaca-Nicosia highway and only a short drive from the city's primary beaches, making it conveniently accessible for any guests. Those visitors who want to buy house Larnaca prefer this place. You may be interested in houses for sale in Paphos, Nicosia or Limassol.


It is great for anyone who works in Larnaca and dislikes traveling because it is a part of the city of Larnaca and is regarded by residents as being in the city's center. Larnaca apartments for sale in this neighborhood are cheaper than in other places. The general hospital is located in Drosia, which also includes all the restaurants, schools, and pubs you could possibly need.


Livadia is the area in Larnaca we will review next. UNESCO added Livadia's basketry craft to its Intangible World Heritage List because of its famed connection to basketry. This municipality is a good location for buy home Larnaca. The town's 7,205 residents make it the perfect choice for anyone seeking a small-town atmosphere for their neighborhood, and recent expansion in development properties has made it even more desirable.


A coastal community called Pervolia is well known for its rich soil and fruitful trees. Its beaches and welcoming nature are highly praised by visitors, making it the perfect place to call home for anyone seeking a rural lifestyle. Just over 3,000 people live in the small community of Pervolia, yet up to 5,000 people visit its beaches every day during the summer. Pervolia buy house is more difficult to come by, but if you are intent on living in a tranquil and picturesque setting, the wait will be worthwhile.

Why choose a property in Larnaca

- In houses for sale in Larnaca, the majority of brand-new structures are finished. It has inner and external doors, a kitchen set, a fully finished bathroom, and built-in furnishings. Such a property just requires the buyer to buy mobile furniture and appliances.

- Larnaca apartments for sale are quite large. A one-bedroom apartment, for instance, has a space of 50 to 65 square meters.

- Property prices in Larnaca are typically lower than those in Paphos or Limassol. And it's better to buy apartment Larnaca.

- Realty platform has the ideal property catered to your specific needs and budget, including residential properties, land, industrial warehouses, hotels, offices, buildings, and houses for sale in Larnaca.

Cyprus's seasoned real estate agents provide individualized customer support of the highest caliber during every step of the purchasing process. It is crucial for end users because it can be challenging to purchase even a tiny studio apartment abroad, and many customers put off buy house Larnaca because they lack information or have trouble communicating with sellers. A personalized approach to every client is our company's credo. Realty property platform is always available to respond to your inquiries, make knowledgeable recommendations, and transmit your request to authorized real estate agents for additional viewings of the homes that suit your preferences.

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