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Beautiful beaches of Cyprus with golden sand and sparkling water can be found all around the island, making it the ideal place to enjoy the country's year-round weather. Every beach on the island is unique; some are busy and have a great party vibe, others are great for families because of the shallow water and the abundance of services, and still, others are little-known jewels.

Almost every city in Cyprus has access to the sea and plenty of beaches. The only city that lacks beaches is Nicosia. None of the travel guides will tell you about Cyprus Nicosia beaches.

The majority of visitors arrive because of the beach and the water. Additionally, some people buy homes in Cyprus and like spending their days at the beach. However, if it's your first visit to Cyprus, you can get confused by all the beaches and end up missing some.

Today, we have compiled a list of the best 10 best Cyprus beaches that both visitors and locals appreciate for you to enjoy.

But first, a brief explanation of the seas that surround Cyprus:

- At least four different minor seas around Cyprus.

- The northern region of the island is where the Cilician Sea is located.

- Cyprus Sea is close to Larnaca and Limassol

- The Levantine Sea is close to Ayia Napa and Protaras.

- On the western side of the island, throughout the entire Paphos region, is the large Mediterranean Sea (which also covers the seas above).


Ayia Napa's Macronissos Beach is situated there, some distance from the town center. A lovely promenade that follows the seashore connects all of Ayia Napa's beaches. This Cyprus beach was given the Blue Flag for its pristine shoreline, amenities, and safety, it is one of Ayia Napa's most gorgeous and cleanest beaches.

This coast looks like the tail of a dolphin from above. The peninsula, which was formerly a reef, is home to many rock formations and even has several free-to-enter ancient tombs at its summit.

How do I get there?

1. Walking from the center of Ayia Napa (10-30 minutes)

2. Take City Bus 101/102.

3. By Car

What is the beach good for enjoying yourself?

- The amenities of Macronissos Beach include sun loungers, umbrellas, showers and change areas, restrooms, and free internet.

- Children can play safely on the fine, supple sand and gentle slope.

- Water sports, such as sailing, banana boating, and catamarans, are also prominently represented on the beach.

- The sea in these locations surprises with shades of blue ranging from azure to dark blue thanks to the intricate geology of the bottom and pure water.

- Cyprus beach is perfect for snorkeling since you can view starfish, moray eels, crabs, shrimp, and even tiny octopuses beneath the rocky shore.

- In contrast to the other beaches in Ayia Napa and Protaras, the beach is moderately populated in the summer.

- Many hotels and houses for rent are within walking distance of the beach.


One of the most exquisite beaches of Cyprus. Coral Bay Beach's popularity is a result of the administration's diligent efforts to keep the region up-to-date. In addition to Coral Bay, there are a lot of attractions to diversify your vacation. There are sun loungers, umbrellas, and a variety of water activities available. The resort has preserved the majority of its charm despite being quite popular with tourists thanks to the regulated expansion of the area, and a bite to eat is never far away thanks to the vibrant selection of restaurants and pubs that are nearby. It is also not a problem to find a suitable hotel or beach house for rent.

How to arrive at Coral Bay?

1. To get to Coral Bay from Paphos you can take bus number 615 from Kato Paphos Harbor to Coral Bay. The bus runs every day from 6:00 am to 00:00 pm.

2. By Car

Other facts about Coral Bay?

- Children's favorite Coral Bay, despite the name, cannot boast of corals - there are stones that owe their origin. The area was also given the prestigious Blue Flag Award for environmental comfort and cleanliness. The picturesque coast also includes calcareous capes and large stones in the water area that protrude over the water.

- It is advised to use beach shoes to protect your feet during low tide since jagged stones on the bottom might produce unpleasant sensations when entering the sea.

- Coral Bay is the safest swimming and pleasure are among the others. A hill and tall coastal headlands enclose Coral Bay, which is located behind the coastal region. Because of this, the bay continues to have great weather for outdoor activities. Compared to Paphos' other coastlines, the sea here is a few degrees warmer.

- The middle of May and October are the ideal times to explore Coral Bay. There aren't too many tourists or oppressive summer heat at this time of year.


The white, fine sand, crystal-clear water, incredible colours of blue to green, and gorgeous Nissi Island, connected to the beach by a tiny isthmus, are the distinguishing features of this Cyprus beach. Holiday in Nissi Beach is especially popular with young people, because it is one of the most partying beaches of Ayia Napa.

The rocky islet of Nissi, which is just offshore and connected to the mainland by a sandbar, dominates the sea view. Even when part of the sandbar is underwater, sunbathers can pass easily the bay's shallow water to reach the islet.

This is not the place to go if you want a quiet day during the busiest time of the year for tourists.

How do you get there?

- Walking from the center of Ayia Napa (10-30 minutes)

- Take City Bus 101/102.

- By Car

What else should you know about Nissi Beach?

- Nissi Beach has all the amenities needed for a comfortable vacation, including sun loungers, umbrellas, showers, changing areas, and restrooms.

- Catamarans, scooters, banana boat rides, and boats are just a few of the many water attractions available.

- On the beach, there are frequent foam parties and beach discos.

- The sea in this region amazes with shades of blue ranging from azure to dark blue thanks to the intricate geology of the bottom and pure water. Snorkeling is wonderful on the beach.

- The beach is very congested with tourists including n the summer because it draws young people from all across Cyprus, other cities outside Ayia Napa.

- Algae frequently builds up in the eastern part of the bay throughout the summer.

- The busiest party beach in Cyprus, known as the "Cyprus Ibiza," is Nissi Beach.


The most visited beach in Protaras and on the entire southern coast of Cyprus is Fig Tree Bay, which has been listed among the top 20 beaches in the world by Tripadvisor for a number of years. The comfort of visitors, maximum occupancy, and the efficient use of resort area are the causes of its popularity. In terms of comfort and security, Fig Tree Bay beach is regarded as a benchmark for beach services.

Due to its protected location and shallthe ow depths, Fig Tree Bay is a favorite with vacationing families as well as snorkelers due to its crystal-clear waters and diverse fish population.

The most well-known and well-liked beach has a beach fountain, and it is 270 meters long and 45 meters wide. It has two natural coves: a rocky cove in the south and a sandy cove in the north.

You can swim on a little rocky island in the bay that is close to the beach. The island is popular with vacationers of all ages and contains some vegetation.

How to get there?

1. From Protaras by foot

2. From Ayia Napa by bus 101/ 102

3. By Car

Reasons why you should choose this beach for your vacation:

- This beach bears the moniker "Green Beach" in addition to receiving the Blue Flag for good water quality and bather convenience.

- In addition, Fig Tree Beach provides visitors with water sports, umbrellas, and sun loungers.

- Experienced lifeguards with rescue tools and first aid services are on duty at the beach during the summer. There is also equipment available for those with physical limitations.

- There is a small island that acts as a barrier not far from the coast. You can unwind in a largely private setting on this island.

- Snorkeling and diving aficionados are drawn to Protaras beaches because of the unique combination of porous rocks and sandy beaches that makes for a great setting for marine life.


The beach in Limassol, which is situated between the Molos promenade and the coastline of the town of Agios Athanasios, close to the city's ancient district.

The Akti Olympion beach is made up of two beaches: the Akti Olympion A Beach and the Akti Olympion B Beach, which are divided by a pier.

This Cyprus beach is very popular among the people of Limassol, especially during the holiday season. Many houses and apartments are located right near the beach, which makes this area very popular among those who want to buy or rent property in Cyprus.

How do you get there?

1. Walking from the center of the Limassol center

2. By Car

What can be seen on the beach?

- There are always open restrooms, showers, and changing areas.

- Security is provided by rescuers from 9:00 to 20:00.

- Special staff members accompany people with disabilities.

- There is a disabled access system in place that allows you to descend to the water unaided.

- Sports and beach equipment can be rented.

- There is a dedicated pier for fishermen.

- Along the shore, there are pleasant bike trails and rest areas that are shaded.

- There are numerous cafes and restaurants across the street, as well as a beachside snack bar.

- Playground for kids, beach volleyball.


One of the best Cyprus beaches is Konnos Bay. Yachts frequently dock here for swimming or diving. Cavo Greco National Park, a distinctive protected area, is home to Konnos Bay. Many beautiful hiking trails wind through the bay. Konnos Bay, which can be found almost exactly midway between Protaras and Ayia Napa, welcomes a variety of tourists. You may take in the beautiful seasonal flora that takes hold of the surrounding cliffs if you go early in the year.

The beach is comparable to other beaches of Cyprus in terms of livability. Both adults and children can find adequate fun. For those seeking a more tranquil setting, simply moving to a more isolated area of the beach may suffice. Additionally, Konnos' location is ideal because it is close to Cape Greco's protected area, which is home to stunning sea caves and white rocks.

How to arrive at Konnos Bay?

1. Walking from Ayia Napa center (10-30 minutes)

2. Take City Bus 101/102 from Ayia Napa or Protaras

3. By Car

More about this place:

- Snorkeling and diving aficionados are drawn to Protaras beaches because of the unique combination of porous rocks and sandy beaches that is suitable for marine life.

- The beach is 200 meters long and oval-shaped.

- Compared to the beaches of Protaras, Konnos Bay beach's sand is a somewhat different shade. It is pale in color but has a faint gray tint from the addition of volcanic sand. It is quite smooth and fine.

- Along with the well-known Fig Tree Bay, Konnos Beach is regarded as not only one of the best beaches in Cyprus but also among the best beaches in the entire globe!

- The distance between Konnos Bay and the Protaras resort contributes to the area's distinct aura of seclusion and protection.

- The Konnos Bay beach is fully developed and meets Blue Flag accreditation requirements.

- A lifeguard team is on duty, there are restrooms on the beach, and you may rent beach equipment.


Latchi Beach is another lesser-known beaches of Cyprus. This beach, which is situated in Paphos' Polis neighborhood close to the Latchi fishing harbor, offers a stunning mountain backdrop. It is an invitation waiting to be accepted with a lovely pebble beach and clean waves.

The coastline is made up of a mix of fine sand and small stones, and as there are no facilities nearby, it's the ideal place to bring your own umbrella and have a picnic.

Due to the fact that Laci has maintained its immaculate virginity and the color and ambiance of a true Cypriot coastal town, it is a highly popular location for travelers looking to spend a vacation in a peaceful setting. There is a lack of loud parties, sleazy nightlife, and other forms of entertainment and attractions. Holidays in Latchi are tranquil and remote.

How to get there?

From Paphos by bus 622/641

By Car

About beach

- The beach has fine, golden sand and clear, tranquil waves, and is close to a number of eateries, pubs, and cafes.

- There are restrooms, showers, locker rooms, sun loungers, umbrellas, and water sports activities available on the beach.

- From April through October, lifeguards are stationed at the beach with lifesaving supplies and first aid services.

- The beach provides access for those with disabilities, including a unique chair to allow people to enter the water with help from the lifeguard tower. Additionally, a ground-breaking technology (Seatrac) that allows disabled people autonomous, complete access to the sea has been built on the beach.

- The two beaches in Laci are jointly referred to as Latchi Beach or, to be more precise, Latsi Beach.

- On either side of the port, there were long beaches. Eastern side of Polis Chrysochous municipal beach with the souli beach (sometimes referred to as the Latsi beach) from the West.

- Both beaches have received the "Blue Flag," which is a symbol of the cleanliness and excellence of the sea and beaches.

- Seaside vacations are convenient, but the depth arrives fairly suddenly. Although primarily made of shingles, the bottom is soft.


Not your typical beach vista, Fontana Amorosa. The greatest gulf on the peninsula has a bottom that is up to three to five meters deep and alternates between sandy and stony areas. The water is a vivid, unusually clear blue. Sand and stones cover a short strip of land that runs alongside the ocean.

Visitors' favorite activities when they arrive here include diving and snorkeling. Small rock formations, a reef off the coast, and an abundance of fish and turtles on the rocks offer a wide area for exploration. It has a beach that is mostly undeveloped.

The rugged landscape is accessible by boat or 4x4, and it has been protected from commercial development, keeping this stunning ecosystem pure. Visit the adjacent mountains for a panoramic view of the lagoon and the surrounding coastline.

How to arrive at Blue lagoon Akamas?

- Rent a buggy, ATV, or 4X4 from the nearest beach

- By Car

What else should you know about Blue lagoon Akamas?

- The Blue Lagoon in Cyprus is a wonderful destination for a leisurely day trip because it is located in the breathtaking Akamas National Park.

- It is the largest and most well-known lagoon on the Akamas peninsula.

- There is a tiny beach area with some sandy places for sunbathing but also a lot of rocky cliffs.

- Fortunately, the water is usually so clear that you can see the areas to avoid.

- But the water is what draws people here in the first place. The water is warm, transparent, and just amazing for swimming and snorkeling.


The beach at Episkopi is situated in a lowland, fertile valley 45 kilometers east of Chania and 14 kilometers west of Rethymnon. It gets its name from the neighboring Episkopi settlement, which is 2 kilometers to the south.

The river Mouselas, the beaches of Petres, and the river that flows through the Petres Gorge all abut the beach's western edge. It is a long beach, measuring 3.5 kilometers, and like the majority of beaches in North Crete, it is sandy, shallow, and largely wavy. Given the abundance of hotels, restaurants, taverns, bars, and other services, it is well structured. The western portion of the beach has areas with lifeguards, showers, locker rooms, umbrellas, snack bars, and water sports equipment, among other amenities.

How do I arrive there?

1. By bus from Rethymno

2. By car

Other facts about Episkopi?

- Everyone is welcome at Episkopi Beach. The following facilities are available at this beach: umbrellas and loungers, a beach restaurant, restrooms, and changing areas. This beach line is watched over by a lifeguard during the season.

- There are other activities you can do besides swimming and tanning.

- Active recreation enthusiasts can play beach volleyball.

- Due to its close proximity to a road, this beach is quite convenient to reach. There is parking right on the sand.

- There are additionally 3 other beaches within a 5 km radius. The one with the highest rating, Episkopi Beach II, has an 8.5.


Lara Beach, which is wild and untamable, is located north of Coral Bay, a well-known seaside resort. Even while it could take some time to get to this remote location, the sandy cove more than makes up for it in privacy. Due to the lack of adjacent artificial lighting, this location is a favorite nesting location for green and loggerhead turtles, whose nests are prominently marked out by volunteers.

On the Akamas Peninsula, which is just to the north of Paphos, the mountains and the sea converge, and there are kilometers of off-road trails that one can explore. A rare opportunity to see an endangered monk seal is also available.

How to get there?

1. By Car from Paphos

2. By boat

What to Know Before You Travel?

- Animal and nature enthusiasts must support Lara Bay Turtle Conservation.

- Bring water and snacks if you intend to stay at the beach for a while.

- The conservation station and the beach are not wheelchair accessible due to the rough and hilly terrain.

This selection does not cover all beaches in Cyprus. There are many more places that are worthy of attention. The great advantage of the location of these beaches is that they are not difficult to get to, around there are many natural establishments and properties to rent.

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